Maintain Quality While Reducing Cost

Quality and price are two things you will consider, in your business, when sourcing wholesale products to sell back to consumers, seeking promotional goods, packaging or buying raw materials for your manufacturing plant.

We are proud to be sourcing specialists who have successfully procured goods for our clients. Not only do we have the right equipment for the job, but our team of trained project managers is well versed in the business of sourcing goods from business sectors. If you do have a new sourcing need we haven't tried yet, we are more than welcome to take you up on the offer!

Sourcing to China and other Regions

A lot of businesses establish production lines overseas because labor is cheaper there compared to manufacturing in Australia. Nevertheless, even with production costing less offshore, there are still some key things to consider before moving your production line to China or any other Asian country.

1) Maintaining Product Quality

How do you know which offshore company is the best to do business with? Moreover, how do you ensure your offshore clients will, consistently, supply quality goods? This may require trips to Asia which will add travel costs and interpretation costs in case you don't speak your host's language. Luckily, Our Company has a subsidiary branch already set in China with our own locally employed staff. As our esteemed client, we will ensure you have eyes and ears on the ground without having to spend your money on expensive trips.

2) Ordering Low Volumes

Generally, factories sell goods on wholesale basis thus the price of ordering low volumes will vary with manufacturers. The rule of thumb here is to ensure that transport costs will be pocket-friendly for the quantity you want sourced. Bear in mind that low volume sourcing is dependent on weight, size of product, quantity, your shipment schedule and the delivery deadlines you have set.

It is wise to source products from wholesale suppliers as this will be an advantage when you need the goods in lower quantities; unless you want the goods custom made. On the other hand if you want to order small samples from different manufacturers, a purchase trip may be necessary to vet the quality of the goods.

3) Handling Delays in Supply

You will need to consider the lead time and shipment costs when sourcing goods offshore. With the experience we have in handling supplies from China for our clients, we can say that offshore sourcing has a longer lead-time than when ordering locally. When you come to us, we will be ready with all the answers you need about shipment costs and lead-time for products sourced from Asia.

Sourcing Goods Within Australia


As much as sourcing goods offshore is cheaper compared to doing it within Australia, it is not always a guarantee. We are experienced in both inland and offshore product sourcing. We calculate the odds for you; determining the best rates, vetting wholesalers, finding the best quality goods and establishing delivery deadlines. We will do the research both locally and internationally to determine which product sourcing option is best for your business.

However, if you still need the products sourced from within Australia, We will respect your request.

Handling International Logistics

We ensure that we are reliable, expedient and cost-effective when handling import requests from other countries. We have multiple resources at our disposal to ensure this vision is achieved;
-We are well connected with international freights and logistics companies. This helps move the products fast and efficiently from China to Australia
-Our china team carries out efficient, reliable and cost-friendly logistics control which reduces your expenses and boosts your profits

Updated Freight Schedules

-We always run an updated Freight Schedule when Shipping from China: we have the latest shipping schedules from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Korea

Storing in China to Supply within Asia or Globally

We have the best and secure warehousing facilities in the provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang. The warehouses are strategically located close to the busiest ports in China; Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen. This helps us move the products faster and easily. With our secure warehousing facilities, you can store in bulk which reduces warehousing costs. We also control the entire distribution process from China to the rest of the world which means reduced storage and freight expenses on your side.

Storage Facilities in Australia

We have partnered with a China Development Team to offer storage facilities for our clients in Australia. We are proud to have the best tracking systems and warehousing facilities based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Since we are well connected with Australian transport companies, we will give you the best distribution rates in the market plus our alliance with our China Development Team allows you to take advantage of same-day delivery quotes.

Our Pick and Pack services cover both general delivery and customized stocking where the product can be repacked for local marketing or promotion. If you run an online shopping service, Xpadite will make sure clients get their orders on time, in good quality and at a pocket friendly rate. Xpadite will also be of great assistance if you have a large pick and pack project and need it to be handled effectively.



Custom-producing Goods with Quality that Beats International Standards

Businesses often make custom requests for premium branding of goods, production for retail or product packaging. Whichever your need, customizing makes your product unique to the market and meet your company vision. We as Our Company have the know-how to help your business achieve this vision.

We have years of experience in helping our clients customize different products ranging from toys, pumping equipment, home appliances, fabrics, construction material, stationery and so on. Our Company does not own any manufacturing plant of its own, but we pride ourselves as being experts in product designing, manufacturing, controlling product quality and handling all logistics concerning product sourcing.

Our Custom production, quality management and Sourcing services will make you stand out as a business

Developing, Testing and Modifying Your Product

Whether your product is already designed or still in the idea stage, We believe that your product should be manufactured to the standards and goals you envisioned as a company. Our dedicated staff station in both China and Australia will ensure every detail you specify is carefully considered during production. The business-connections we have with many factories give us vital insight on how we can chip in during the product modification stage to ensure production cost is at an all-time low and the final product will be of high quality.

We take samples from various factories to make sure that your product design will be send to the best factory that will maintain the quality you want.

Choosing a Factory

China has an avalanche of production factories, so selecting the best one is no walk in the park. However, our local staff in the Our China offices can recommend a few factories given your production needs. We make sure to recommend a factory that will develop your product in high quality while cutting down cost. If we cannot find a suitable one for your product, we will go the extra mile of using our networks to find you the best production plant.

Our Factory Audit unit will be charged with the task of inspecting production sites, checking that they are registered & licensed and their production and quality management abilities. If you care how the factory production practices will affect the social and environmental surrounding, we can do the investigation and deliver a detailed report to you for consideration. You can be confident that any factory we recommend is highly reliable, effective in communication and will produce your goods following all specified details and maintaining quality.

In case you want an onsite inspection tour, we are happy to organize that for you. We will take care of your flight, accommodation and transport within China. Upon request, we can also give you a tour of additional factories we recommend besides those you want to source from.

Negotiating Pricing and Handling contracts

Given China respects its negotiating culture, we are already at an advantage as our staff at Our China branch are all locals. Not only do they have experience in local haggling, they also have established trusted connections which will help in finding the best supplier who will product your product within the stipulated period and budget.

Quality Management

We are more than happy to carry out inspection of the entire manufacturing process; whether it's a custom good or otherwise. If any issue in production arises, our trusted team at the China office will handle it promptly to ensure production stays within schedule maintaining low production costs.

Storage, Importation and Supply

We will take care of the logistics involved with warehousing, imports or distribution of your product. We already have a warehouse running in China thus will store your finished custom products reducing cost of shipping. We also handle imports and storage needs as well as fill order forms in the local Australian market.


Quality begins with locating the appropriate manufacturer

We believe quality production starts by selecting the right manufacturer. This is why we have an extensive audit process that aid our selection. Even when we feel we know the right supplier for the job, we still like to explore our horizons to see if there are any better alternatives.

1) Initial Selection Process

We first establish a working list of companies then proceed with elimination following various guidelines

-First we check that the factory is not located in a danger zone
-We check if the supplier is operating legally
-We verify registration details and check if the supplier has any history of bad credit or law suits
-We conduct additional background check using effective online research tools

Other checks we make include:

-Response time of the supplier and how they answer crucial questions
-Proof of quality certification documents
-Whether the supplier has experience in producing goods to International standards

By the end of the audit process we already have a list of suitable suppliers for you. If there is a tie between preferred factories, we then use pricing for further selection.

Factory Auditing

When the right supplier in China has been identified, the auditing process then proceeds; unless we have previously worked with the said supplier. This audit process aims to confirm a few things which include;

-Ensuring the factory is of the expected size
-Hygiene standards of the factory
-Checking if the factory has quality control practices
-How finished products are packaged and warehoused
-Checking for any visible health or safety concerns


Ensuring Quality from Start-to-finish of the product

We believe there is a standard to be met in every production process. We ensure the supplier follows the quality guidelines and conducts production at minimal cost while still sticking to your requirements.

Effectively Communicating Specifications

If the supplier has adequate and precise specifications, they are able to manufacture the product to detail. Hornet has a number of methods we use to communication specific production details to the manufacturer. If you have your own specification layout we will use it. In case of less expertise in producing product specifics, we have a template you can use as a guideline. Generally, photographs or diagrams are the best way to communicate specification where language is a barrier like in China.

As our rule, we first send samples to the manufacturer in China to help in communication. The sample will be an exact look of the finished product or may have highlighted variations.

Why Samples?

We find samples to help a great deal if the supplier never fully understood the first specifications offered. Samples help the manufacturer make changes where they went wrong to fine tune the quality of the resulting product. if the detail issues are fixed at the sampling stage, we will have no quality problem on the final product.

How we create a quality checklist

We assign a project manager to each client to come up with the quality checklist. The checklist is customized to the client's liking, taking into account all the product specifications required in the project. A quality checklist covers the following;

-Standards that target the Australian Market
-The weight and size of different components in the product
-Color specification- especially for fashion goods, branded items, textile or electrical items
-Required Labels-company logos, safety warnings, handling guidelines and so on
-Product packaging- to the right size, quantity, weight, filler materials and so on
-Tests on the stress and performance of the final product

Inspecting the Product

This stage may not be necessary especially if everything is covered in the sampling stage. However, some products may be complex in nature or the volume production quite specific, thus prior inspection may accrue.

Inspection before Shipping

We take the responsibility for inspecting the goods before the shipping. The quality control at this point will determine whether the supplier gets paid or not. We will deploy one of our staff members in China to carry out the inspection. On special occasions we may outsource this inspection procedure if the product is too technical or if the factory's geographical location does not favor our reach. Final inspection reports will then be emailed to the project manager in Australia who will then forward it to the client.



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